The Columbus Blue Jackets A Great Hockey Team

Columbus may not seem like a city that would have a great hockey team inside of it. However, what you will find is the Blue Jackets are a team that has managed to find a home in Columbus and they are also a team that has really come about in being one of the top-rated teams in the NHL league. Since that is the case it is time to see how the Blue Jackets will fair this season and see if they are going to be able to play at the level you would expect them to be able to reach.

Offensively the Blue Jackets have managed to land a great talent-packed roster of forwards. The defensemen on the team are playing at a high level as well and this is going to make it easier for the Blue Jackets to be able to play at a higher level than what you would expect. Not to mention the defensemen will also help to drive the puck in for the forwards who last season was able to pack around the net and keep the goals going into the back of the net for the team.

The goalies are the real strength of this team. The goalies are led by Bobrovsky who was able to have a great year last season and this was something the Blue Jackets are going to expect to have again this year. So that will definitely help the Blue Jackets out in getting to impress the opponents and know they should be able to turn away almost all of the shots that will be heading towards them. Not to mention the supporting cast tends to work really well in helping to protect the net and keep the pucks away from Bobrovsky for the most part.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are a team that has managed to impress a lot of fans and are really seen as a great hockey team so far. What is even better is the Blue Jackets are looking like they could be a team that can bounce back and really dominate in the games so far this year if they are able to avoid the injury bug. The common issue with the Blue Jackets is the fact they have been getting hit by the injury bug in recent times and that has really cost the team a lot of the games they were playing in.